Friday, 12 January 2018

Mix Mingle and Make: Learning about 2D Shapes

In math we are focussing on geometry. Geometry is all around us and so we decided to play a game called Mix, Mingle, and Make to learn more about 2D shapes.  First we travelled along the lines, then when the whistle blew we had to mingle and form groups depending on the number that was shown. Once we were in groups we had to arrange our bodies to make the shape that was on the picture that was shown.  Sometimes there were more people in the group than sides of the shape so we had to be creative.  Below are some of the shapes we made.  Can you identify some of the shapes we tried to make?

Wilderness Wednesday: Designing a Tower

This  Wednesday during Wilderness Wednesday we were encourage to find artifacts in nature to build a free standing tower that was as wide as our hands, and as tall as an iPad. Here are some photos of us collecting, creating, and building our towers using the artifacts we could find on the ground around our trees.

Have you ever tried to build a tower with artifacts from nature?

The Salmon Eggs Have Arrived!

On Tuesday, January 9th our salmon eggs arrived to their new home.

This is what the tank looked like before they arrived.  It has a gravel base, and rocks to for the Redd.  There is a chiller to keep the water around 5c and a thermometer to track the water temperature.  There is also a fluval (left side) to help keep air in the water.  The tank is wrapped in insulation to make sure it stays cold.

This is what the tank look likes when it is all wrapped up.

Ms. Holmes arrived with our eggs and some other interesting artifacts to look at. 

This is a picture of what the salmon look like and birth, and how they will change while we are taking care of them.  When we received our salmon eggs they are at the eyed egg stage and about 22 days old.

She also showed up a cup of salmon eggs tha that had already died.  They are much whiter in colour.  We need to check our salmon eggs regularly and remove any eggs that die.

We received 60 eggs this year.  This picture shows how the hatchery collect the eggs and counts them before they given them to schools like ours that are adopting them.

And finally, this is what our tank looks like now that our eggs have arrived.  Can you see them on the bottom at the front of the tank? Once a day we will check on them for a short period of time.  We will collect the water temperature and add it to the Accumulated Termperature Unit.  We will look for eggs that have died. Then we will wait for our eggs to become alevin in about 33 or so days.  Be sure to check back!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wilderness Wednesday: Design a Shelter to Protect an Animal from the Rain

Today during Wilderness Wednesday we were given a design challenge. Using the artefacts found on the ground in our schoolyard "forest" we had to design a shelter for an animal to help protect it from the rain.  We tested our designs by putting water on top of our shelters.  Some of us designed shelters to protect both bugs and birds, while others thought about how important it was to reinforce our designs and to add an element of camouflage as an additional level of protection from predators.  There was also a second level of challenge as we had to work in groups with specific parameters.  Each group had to have at least one boy and one girl,  each participant in the group had to be in a different grade, and there had to be at least one member from Ms Lirenman's Class and one member from Mrs Heacock's class.  Ms Lirenman and Mrs Heacock love to see how well we work together as a K-3 SAIL team and not just Division 16 and Division 17.  Here are some photos of us working together and some of the shelters we built.

Minute to Win It

For home learning last weekend we were asked to do a little bit of research around an idea called Minute to Win It. We had to make up our game and be able to share it with our classmates in K-3 SAIL.  This week some of us were able to share our games, and all of us were able to participate in some of the games. To be successful we had to demonstrate creative thinking and good communication skills.

Here are some photos of us playing our Minute to Win It games.